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Building the foundation of a home is the most important part. When building your health foundation, this fact doesn’t change. You want to have every step in place.

Building Your Wellness Foundation was created for the woman newly diagnosed with cancer. These sessions provide a place to come and receive guidance and support.


When newly diagnosed with cancer, it is easy to forget that you are still powerful and still can control your healthcare. By Building Your Foundation with my help, you will have a partner to walk through your first steps. These are a 1:1 service.

  • Women will walk through steps of discovery to identify you you truly feel about the diagnosis.
  • You are given tools to help navigate your health care.
  • You will be empowered to believe that you have what it takes to walk this out.
  • Gain more confidence.
  • See yourself better than a cancer diagnosis.
  • Learn skills to use on days that are challenging.
  • Have personal contact information and a solid support system.

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Six-Week Peer Group

Do you prefer a group setting? Are you looking for sisters to share this journey with? Then this Six-Week Peer Group is what you have been looking for.

Each group session will be a sacred moment to share, get advice or just enjoy knowing they understand your fears and journey.




The Six-week Peer Group will join together 6 -7 women who are living with a cancer diagnosis. With my guidance, you will find support, understanding ear, and know you are not alone.


  • Weekly meeting where each woman gets the chance to sharing what she is facing.
  • Group exercises.
  • Get support from group leader and peers.
  • Each woman will see she is not alone.
  • She will get to learn know other women are navigating similar situation.
  • Get clarity on real time challenges
  • Have a safe supportive space to be share where she is on her journey.

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Membership Room

Whether you were diagnosed yesterday or a month ago, this membership group will help you through. A new topic will be presented each month on health and wellness.

We will discuss things like: Healthy eating, Integrative medicine and more.


This membership is created for teaching health and wellness on many levels. It will provide you with new skills. One of the many tools you will learn is what a treasure chest is, why you need one, and what you need to have in it. I can’t wait to share the contents of mine with you and how it can change for life.


There will be guest instructors teach on areas from different health and wellness modalities. Some of the topics we will cover are: 

  • Healthy food combinations. 
  • Chakra system,
  • Emotional Freedom technique (EFT).
  • Meditation and
  • other empowering skills that will hope you build your own treasure chest of wellness.
  • Be equipped to deal with stress.
  • Feel empowered in your health care.
  • Know what to ask when dealing with health care professional.
  • Awareness of other modalities to healing.
  • Be able to take charge of your life.

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