About Me


I’m Doretta

I’m a registered nurse, wellness advocate, and author. My passion is educating women and families newly affected by a cancer diagnosis.

I have lived through a rectal cancer diagnosis and recently lost my husband to an uncommon form of lymphoma.


I know that our mindset, support, and acceptance of the illness makes a difference in how we succeed in one of the most important seasons of our life.

I hold a safe, supportive space and help you walk through the necessary steps for you to confidently take authority over your health and wellness.


I’m holding a sacred space for you

I invite you to take a moment right here. Breath. Relax. You are not alone. What I know as a woman who has lived through a cancer diagnosis,  is the fear it brings. It takes your breath away and your sense of life as you have known it.

What I want you to know going forward is that you have support here from someone whose heart beats to guide women through this time.

What I  know is you can see yourself as bigger than a diagnosis because you are. You get to choose what this means to you and how you flow with it.

I will teach you tools that will assist with your fears and uncertainty.

If you choose, you will have a whole community to walk with you through this season of your life.

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