Cancer, I'm Listening

A safe place for women to learn, they are bigger than a Cancer Diagnosis.

I help women living with a chronic diagnosis gain acceptance, understanding, clarity so they can confidently take authority over their health and wellness.

Being diagnosed with an illness that can either lead to death or alter your way of life can be scary and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. I am here to help walk your through your health and wellness journey. Whether you decide to take the traditional road or make your own way through alternative methods. I am here for you. 

I have walked the roads and made many decisions that required a lot of study and self reflection. I know what it takes to bloom even when I myself have listened to doctor after doctor explain my options. 

I invite you to allow me to support you through your journey. As you browse the site, reach out at any time by clicking the contact me above or scheduling your free 15 minute session. 


I’m Doretta

I’m glad you found my website.

Check out my about me page to learn how I can serve you in this walk with a chronic  diagnosis.

What I Do

 Invitation #1

You are bigger Than a Diagnosis

In this service, you are supported by me once weekly in building your foundation. Looking at your feeling and thoughts about this new diagnosis and what it means to your life.

Researching a doctor, Building a support system, sharing fears and concerns. Discussing your feeling around treatment options are some of what we will work on.

Getting clear on your power to choose what this diagnosis means to you. Only you have that power.

Invitation #2

Six-week peer group

This is a six-week group where you come together with other women on Zoom to share about your journey, get tips, and support. The group is run by me. Last for 90 minutes. Confidential.


Invitation #3

Monthly Membership

This is a monthly membership where you get ongoing teaching, support, diet, and fitness tips.


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