Winning The Dance with Depression


Depression can color everything we do. It can make a simple task feel difficult.Depression has dimmed many days of my life. Times I could have been happy but instead, I felt heavy and sad. I would try to shake it but to no avail. It often felt like a cloud accompanied me everywhere I went. Over the years I have learned several tools to help me along the way. Tools that help me dance with depression instead of it robbing me of precious days and experiences with loved ones. My hope is they will be of some help to you.

You may judge yourself because you have not yet found the tools to move with or through the sadness. Let those feelings go. Depression is a mental illness. I know that sounds unattractive and feelings of shame may come up. You may think you are weak and that is why this is happening to you. It’s not. You are whole and complete and you just have this challenge to face and you will. Do it without Judgement.

Journaling has been a part of my walk with depression. On days that I just could not talk to anyone or wanted to cry for no reason, my journal was my safe place. Still is. Journaling helps you feel your way through moments that are tough. It is a place you can get your feeling out without censoring yourself or thinking others won’t understand. As you heal and learn to walk through the sadness your journal is a reference point on how you came through the tough days. It’s a reminder that you can move through this. It’s your blueprint that though it sometimes feels like it will engulf you, It doesn’t. Your Journal is the place to show you your progress.

Another discovery I made is when I move my body I feel better. My spirit lifts. I know you may be thinking “ I don’t feel like getting out of bed much less exercising” I know the feeling. What I’m talking about is a simple walk around the block or a few yoga postures. Movement gets the feel good hormone in our bodies moving. Try it.

Try these tools. They are a few of what keeps me in motion. Using them keeps me at my personal best. I will bring you more on each topic in later articles. Keep moving, Journaling and practicing nonjudgement of where you are. It will get better. This I know.




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