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Coaching - We're Here to Guide, Support, and Hold You Accountable.

In your coaching sessions we will explore where you are, what got you there, and how best to move you forward.  Sometimes, it's not about where you want to go, but about how to simply move past where you are at the moment.  A true coach will help you evaluate the things/people in your life that are bringing you pain, confusion, depression, and other pieces of emotional baggage that often manifest in other areas of your life.  And once those things are identified, it's time to do your work. We must explore how you are contributing to your current situation.  

Accountability is part of this, remember?

I will support you in every area of this journey, but I will require you to be honest with yourself about how you got here and what needs to change to move forward.  I'm a coach. That's my job.  And I promise to be with you every step of the way.  ​I support you in your next steps to living the life you desire. 

These sessions can be recorded for your personal use if you choose.​

Tapping (EFT) - Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping - also known as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is like acupuncture without the needles.  It assists the body and mind in regaining balance.  By "tapping" certain points of your body with your fingertips, you are able to relieve stress, anxieties, and physical ailments that you have been carrying for years.  

During your sessions, I will guide you through the proper tapping technique. I will teach you how to breathe properly, focus on the negative emotions in a "safe" environment that will enable you to release your pain and suffering.  

Tapping can be an incredibly useful tool in helping relieve both physical and emotional pain.  All it requires is an open heart and mind, a willing heart, and the tools already at your fingertips.​

You Need a Life Coach If...

  • If you're "stuck" and just can't seem to make progress in your well being despite knowing that you need to make changes to live a healthier and happier life.
  • You've tried doctors and a variety of medications only to find yourself still in pain with no relief in sight.
  • If you simply just can't do it alone... If having someone to support and guide you would make the journey to emotional freedom a little easier.

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God bless you. I am dealing with a positive brother who is heaven sent. He always tells me how beautiful I am and how much worse things could be. 

He is currently out of town. When we spoke he was surprised to hear me sound so well. That’s what God gave me. You. I cannot begin to tell you the hope for tomorrow you have instilled in me. I have a ways to go but I know I will get there with your help. Thank you.

T. Williams