The Brilliance in You

Everything in life has a spark of brilliance in it.
The flower. The sun. The soil. All that is needed is a watering of some kind.

As women who have been challenged in ways we would not have chosen. Who may feel damaged and abandoned at times. That watering, I believe is time and silence. In that place of silent we hear our greatness, our calling. We gather the strength to move forward. In that space we begin to awaken and begin to bloom. In that space we remember who we really are and our true purpose. We remember we have all we need.

Take a minute right now. Close your eyes. Take a couple of slow, deep breaths. Feel you body relax with each breath. Listen. What is calling to you? What is your soul desiring?
What do you need to give yourself to bloom from your place of brilliance?

All you need to do it listen, believe and act.


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