An Open Heart for Yourself

Sometimes we find it difficult to accept where we have come from. The mistakes we have made . The people we have hurt. But if we want to move forward.. we must find forgiveness , love and acceptance for ourselves. We must find a way to accept where we have been.Then we can start the process of moving forward.

Reflection – What do you need to forgive ?
What do you need to start the process?
How can you be gentle wth yourself ?
What kind and life affirming action can you take today?

Invitation – Write a list of those areas of unforgiveness that weigh on your heart.
Take one at a time and write a letter to yourself. Express what you feel
honestly.Feel your feeling completely.
When you are ready, ask yourself if you are ready to let this go. If, not
continue writing and praying for strength and freedom to move forward.Ask
for support in the process if you need it. It is well worth your efforts.

My story – I had to forgive and accept myself for abandoning my children during my drug addict. I chose to forgive myself and ask for forgiveness of them as well.It was the only way for me to live a life of freedom. The guilt and regrets would have my stomach in knots. I could not go back. There were no do over. That was the past and I chose to start loving myself a bit a time. It was a process. But one worth walking through.

We must embrace our journey in order to have an open,loving heart for ourselves and others. It starts with Forgiveness.

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