Creating Your Vision Board for 2014

A vision baord is a tool we can use to bring our dreams to life. It is using our minds and feeling to draw to us what we desire.

You will need a few things –

1) A board of your choosing. You can use a large colored board or for a smaller version ,you can use a folder. Really anything that attracts you and you can attach picture to it.
2) Magazines, pictures
3) Colored pencils
4) Glue sticks.

Begin by creating a relaxing space where you can have fun and really pour your feeling into it. Your feelings are the magnet that bring your dreams to you.

In my Vision board classes, I play music so the students can really be present, relax and enjoy the process. You can do the same for yourself.
Start looking through the magazines for pictures and words that speak to you. Where you want to be, what you want to feel.

After gathering your picture and words. Start attaching the pictures as your mind guides you to. Place a picture of yourself in the middle. You may want to create space between the words and picture as well..Do whatever feels right to you. This is your world you are creating for 2014.

After finishing the vision board spend a few moment with what you have created. See it. Feel it. Take it in.

At this point, in my workshops, I guide the students through a meditation to see how it feels living this life they have created and then give them an opportunity write a letter to the woman they have become at the end of the year. ( All goals accomplished)

Who will you be? What will you have accomplished? How do you feel about yourself? In the letter you can thank yourself for all your effort. It’s like a love letter to yourself at the end of the year. You are just doing it now.

Place your vision board somewhere you can see it often. Mine is directly in front of my bed. So I see it as soon a I wake up.

Have a blast with this. You are a powerful creator. See and feel what you want and take action. It will be yours for the making. Enjoy !

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