A Sacred Space

It is important to create quiet time for yourself. It’s a time to listen to your true desires. A time to realize your strengths as well.

You may feel too busy to curve out some space to meditate or you may think it is too involved and challenging. You don’t have to be in any specfic posture . Your aim is to give yourself time to listen

to your higher self. That part of you that has the answers.

This time is the most rewarding gift your can give yourself.

When you are quiet..your wisdom reveals itself. Answers to those puzzling questions appears.

Invitation – Create 10 minutes a day , when you can be alone without distractions.

You may want to have a pen and pad available for any insights that may arise.

Take a couple of deep breathes and feel your body relax. Listen to the sights around

you without attachment. Experience your stillness. Just be.


Relfections –

What came up for you?

How did it feel to be still ?


My experience – My life has changed in many ways since I began to hold my practice sacred.

Today it is second nature for me to rise early and listen for directions on where I am to go or who I am to speak with and why. Insights on how i can be my best self and of service to those I encounter.

In this time I pray, meditate and journal. In this space I allow the best of me to come forth.

You can create whatever practice that suits you. Sitting. Walking. Lying. Just create one.

Again I say, it is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.


Have a Wonder Filled day 🙂


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