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Winning The Dance with Depression
  Depression can color everything we do. It can make a simple task feel difficult.Depression has dimmed many days of[...]
Creating Your Vision Board for 2014
A vision baord is a tool we can use to bring our dreams to life. It is using our minds[...]
World AIDS Day
Last Sunday was World AIDS day. Thirty years ago I lost countless friends during my days of drug addiction ,[...]
An Open Heart for Yourself
Sometimes we find it difficult to accept where we have come from. The mistakes we have made . The people[...]
A Sacred Space
It is important to create quiet time for yourself. It's a time to listen to your true desires. A time[...]
The Brilliance in You
Everything in life has a spark of brilliance in it. The flower. The sun. The soil. All that is needed[...]

Life Coach Doretta Gadsden, R.N.