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Winning The Dance with Depression

  Depression can color everything we do. It can make a simple task feel difficult.Depression has dimmed many days of my life. Times I could have been happy but instead, I felt heavy and sad. I would try to shake it but to no avail. It often felt like a cloud accompanied me everywhere IContinue Reading

Creating Your Vision Board for 2014

A vision baord is a tool we can use to bring our dreams to life. It is using our minds and feeling to draw to us what we desire. You will need a few things – 1) A board of your choosing. You can use a large colored board or for a smaller version ,youContinue Reading

World AIDS Day

Last Sunday was World AIDS day. Thirty years ago I lost countless friends during my days of drug addiction , to what was then called fever of unknown origin. Later named AIDS. I was diagnosed with AIDS in 1993 . As I sit here this morning I am grateful to be alive and healthy.When IContinue Reading

An Open Heart for Yourself

Sometimes we find it difficult to accept where we have come from. The mistakes we have made . The people we have hurt. But if we want to move forward.. we must find forgiveness , love and acceptance for ourselves. We must find a way to accept where we have been.Then we can start theContinue Reading

A Sacred Space

It is important to create quiet time for yourself. It’s a time to listen to your true desires. A time to realize your strengths as well. You may feel too busy to curve out some space to meditate or you may think it is too involved and challenging. You don’t have to be in anyContinue Reading

The Brilliance in You

Everything in life has a spark of brilliance in it. The flower. The sun. The soil. All that is needed is a watering of some kind. As women who have been challenged in ways we would not have chosen. Who may feel damaged and abandoned at times. That watering, I believe is time and silence.Continue Reading

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