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  Have you been given a diagnosis that has taken your breath away?

Is your head spinning from something your doctor told you?  Are you afraid your life will never be the same?

I know how that feels. In 1993, I was diagnosed as HIV positive.  My heart stopped and it felt like I held my breath for at least 10 minutes upon receiving the news.  In the time it took him to speak just a few short sentences, my life changed forever.   Eventually, the HIV turned to AIDS and I had to learn not just how to cope, but how to LIVE again.  And after 20+ years, what I know is that you are able to walk through this and live your best life.

I'm a Registered Nurse and Life coach and I empower women who are living with a chronic diagnosis.

I use different tools EFT/Tapping, Accountability, Support, and Life Coaching Strategies.

Walking Your Way Through Life and Your Diagnosis... Successfully.

Life is a beautiful thing.  We are blessed to experience love, passion, and joy repeatedly in our time on this earth... but that isn't all.  With the good, must come the bad and sometimes, it's difficult to know just how to navigate your way through them.  When you hear words like HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Anxiety, COPD, and others, you're life changes. You're not sure of just what to do next... what steps to take.

​Even without a life-changing diagnosis, everyone experiences disappointment, pain, and loss in their time on this earth.  It's inevitable But living WITH a diagnosis makes the journey even more difficult. The key is knowing and understanding that while you are almost guaranteed to experience pain and struggle, your suffering is optional.  The hurt doesn't have to last and you can come out of it better than you went in with gratitude for the lessons it taught you and the person it has made you. 

That's the goal. 

Trusting the process enough to believe that it (whatever IT may be) will all work out for your good and that you will a better mother, sister, daughter, wife.... woman because of it.


In this interview Doretta discusses her own personal experience of being diagnosed with HIV and the "power of the pause"...


Wellness/Life Coaching

As a coach, I'm committed to learning not only where you are now, but how you got there and where you'd like to go from here.  Only when I know all of this, can I determine the best way to help you get there.  It's not just about arriving, but helping you become the best you along the way.

Tapping - EFT 

Tapping is like acupuncture without the needles.  It assists the body and mind in regaining balance.  In these sessions, you will learn how to use your fingertips to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety.

Accountability & Support

Regardless of how strong or independent you are having the support of someone who's been where you are and overcome every adversity is priceless.  The accountability is there to motivate and push you on the days you don't have enough to do it yourself.

About Coach Doretta

Living a full and victorious life despite an AIDS diagnosis 23 years ago and a COPD diagnosis just 4 years ago instilled an intense desire in me to help women who may be facing similar challenges in their lives. Learning the tools and resources that work for me was critical to my well-being.  Now that I have them for myself, I'd like to teach you...

There’s something special about Doretta’s style and approach. In particular she has a gentleness, perceptiveness and understanding which combine to get great results. Doretta’s blend of compassion, intelligence and life experiences is unparalleled. Coaching with her has transformed my life and created an abundance of joy and clarity.

Carolyn W.
Dallas, TX

Ready to Begin Your Healing Journey? 

You are NOT alone and you don't have to do this by yourself.

Let Coach Doretta help guide you through those initial difficult days,

and the promising weeks and day to follow.